Datacard CP80 Plus Card Printer


The Datacard® CP80™ Plus ID card printer delivers unprecedented security and durability for ID programs in government agencies, high-tech corporations, universities and other security-minded organizations. Rely on this powerful printer to issue technologically advanced IDs that protect people, facilities and other critical assets.
  • Support the most demanding ID programs.
  • Apply security laminates to both sides of the ID card.
  • Personalize smart cards and proximity cards. 


Maximize security and durability
The CP80 Plus ID card printer can be configured with one standard laminator and a second optional laminator. Both can apply Datacard® DuraGard® virtual edge-to-edge laminates that cover 95% of the card to increase security and durability. With both laminators, you can apply any combination of security laminates or protective topcoats in a single pass, or apply different laminates to each side to improve cost-efficiency.

Ultraviolet fluorescent printing
Strengthen card security with variable text ultraviolet (UV) fluorescent printing. Fluorescent text can be seen only under UV light, which makes it easy to validate the authenticity of the ID card and severely hinders any attempt at forgery.

USB and Ethernet connectivity
Plug this printer into a computer and start issuing cards in minutes with your choice of USB or 10/100 Base-T Ethernet connectivity, both of which come standard.

Intelligent printer driver
Make daily tasks easier with a sophisticated printer driver. It automatically adjusts its settings for new ribbons. It also allows operators to fine-tune quality with image and color controls, monitor diagnostics, perform tests and connect to an online help center.


Second lamination station
Ensure optimal security and durability with an optional second lamination station. The second station also helps reduce program costs, allowing you to apply a custom security laminate on the front of the card and a more cost-effective clear topcoat on the back.

Input hopper empty detection
The Datacard® CP60™ Plus card printer can detect when the input hopper is empty. Add this custom feature to your printer with the software developer’s kit (SDK).

Clear card personalization
Clear cards help build interest in your card or badge program. Personalize clear cards with the CP80 Plus printer to make a unique, creative statement with gift, loyalty and membership cards, business cards and more.

Security suite
The CP80 Plus card printer provides superior protection for cards, supplies and the printer itself with an innovative suite of security features:

  • Printer-PC security software
    This feature disables printing if the printer is connected to any PC that is not the designated host PC, so the printer cannot print cards if it is stolen.
  • Card auditing
    Card auditing tracks the number of cards picked, completed, rejected and lost to ensure accurate accounting.
  • Hardware lock system
    Prevent theft of supply items with optional locks for the input hopper, reject area and lamination station.

ISO magnetic stripe encoding (factory install or field upgrade)
Smart card personalization (factory install or field upgrade)


  • Print method:
    • Direct-to-card dye-sublimation / resin thermal transfer
  • Print resolution:
    • 300 dots per inch (11.8 dots/mm)
    • 256 shades
  • Print speed:
    • 175 cards per hour front side YMCK ribbon with front side lamination
    • 165 cards per hour front side YMCK-K ribbon, back side K with front side lamination
  • Physical dimensions:
    • 23.1" (L) x 9.92" (W) (586.74 mm L x 251.97 mm W)
    • H = 18.82" to 23.52" (478.03 mm to 597.41 mm) depending on hopper options
  • Printer weight:
    • Less than 27 pounds without card or badge supplies
  • Microsoft® Windows® 2000, XP printer drivers and Datacard® Open Platform driver for non-Windows operating systems i.e. Linux® operating system
  • 30-month standard depot warranty for printer
  • 30-month printhead warranty — no prorating; no card counting  


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